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What dose beauty mean to you? To cosmetic company’s beauty means billions and billions of dollars.So i thought i would research some of worlds best secret on dime and keep you looking your best! HereS how to help that mug of yours and keep that pocket book full of the men we love the most.Mr.Lincoln,Franklin and Hamilton! Here are some secrets from all around the world.


:Green Tea: Japanese women keep their skin hydrated by drinking 10-12 cups of green tea everyday. Green tea is important for healthy, youthful skin because it contains several antioxidants as well as catechins to fight free radicals and counter the effects of aging.

Banish cellulite
The exotic looks and figures of Brazilian women are the envy of females around the world, so we’re dying to know some of their tips. And it’s actually quite simple – sand! While relaxing on the beach Brazilian beauties rub wet sand on their bodies to smooth and stimulate their skin, and combat the dreaded cellulite.

Try it at home: Unless you live near a warm, sandy beach, this isn’t going to be easy so instead pop into Lush for Sandstone soap . It contains skin nourishing vitamins and minerals to pummel and polish the skin, then turn it to the sand-topped side and it transforms into an exfoliator to beat stubborn cellulite.

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